Message from the Presidents

Dear colleagues, working in the fields of sustainable aviation and sustainable energy,

SARES (International Sustainable Aviation and Energy Research Society) will organize 4 Symposium four different Countries in 2024: 

  • ISEAS 24: International Symposium on Electric Aviation and Autonomous Systems with Aviation Forum (Coorganizing SARES,EATS and AIAA), 29 July-2 August, Las Vegas, USA,
  • ISSA 24: International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation
  • ISATECH 24: International Symposium on Aircraft Technology, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul and Operations, 27-29 August 2024. Vietnam Aviation Academy, VIETNAM, (Online / Hybrid), 
  • ISUDEF 24: International Symposium on Unmanned Systems: AI, Design and Efficiency, 22-24 May 2024, Azerbaijan Aviation Academy, Baku, AZERBAIJAN, (Hybrid),

We are honoured to announce that we have signed a contract with Springer last year. According to this contract, we are going to publish 4 edited books every year and 1 fundamental book in Sustainable Aviation and 4 symposium proceedings for a total of 45 books over the next five years. All these books will have the SARES logo on them and they will be indexed in Scopus. We welcome you to submit your research papers to these books.

At SARES, we are publishing two international journals, the International Journal of Aviation Science and Technology (IJAST), ( and the International Journal of Sustainable Aviation (IJSA), ( . We are inviting you to submit your valuable papers to these journals.

In addition, SARES gives six important scientific awards every year and award ceremonies are being held during the closing session of the ISSA Symposium each year.

The awards are given in four categories to scientists and researchers who work on Sustainable Aviation and two more additional awards. The given Awards are: Lifetime Achievement Award, Science Award, Young Scientist Award, Young Researcher Award. In addition, a Gratitude Award and a Company Award.

The new goal of the association is to get organized around the world by opening SARES local chapters in various countries. This year, we will open representative offices in 10 countries as a target. We have already started working on this matter.

In addition, this year we will actively run the Association’s International Board. We will call the Society’s International Board of Directors to a meeting every three months.

We invite you to become a member of SARES.

Max F. Platzer, Lifetime Honorary President of SARES

T. Hikmet Karakoç, President of SARES


It’s with an extremely heavy heart that Ming Chang passed away on Sunday, 1 October 2023. Ming was a pioneer throughout his career in aeronautical engineering. Ming’s leadership driving AIAA to address the important challenges of the aeronautical world will be long remembered. His AIAA service is directly responsible for the Institute’s aeronautics domain leadership.

Ming always supported the SARES (International Sustainable Aviation and Energy Research Society) and SARES Symposiums (ISSA, ISEAS, ISATECH, ISUDEF) with his presentations and aviation knowledge.

Here is a photo from last week’s meeting with “Ming Chang, Jim Sherman, Max. F. Platzer, Hikmet Karakoc, Utku Kale” as part of our planned collaboration between AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and SARES.

Every year, SARES gives awards in six categories to scientists and researchers who works on sustainable aviation. Award categories consists of:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Science Award

  • Gratitude Award

  • Young Scientist Award

  • Young Researcher Award

  • Company Award