SARES International, an international organisation, is multidisciplinary initiative for research into the advancement of

  • Innovative researches for aviation sector

  • Improvement management tools and systems in aerodrome

  • Airplane Technologies management and operations research

  • Sustainability and social awareness trainings.

Environmental problems, especially global warming, has gain importance because of its increasing effects like climate change and drought. It is big part of the sustainability and the sustainable development.

Other big part of the sustainable development is the economical concerns. These two parameters are connected closely with the energy consumption. Fossil fuels provide the most of the World’s energy need. However, these fuels not only expensive but only very harmful to environment, in addition, they are going to be depleted in near future.

According to the reasons it will be referred above, alternative and renewable energy sources must be searched and used instead of fossil fuels. As it well known, aviation is the one of the biggest industry and very significant amount energy is consumed in it. Result of these, aviation industry is important part of the sustainable development and the environmental damages that are caused by fossil fuels used as energy source.

Therefore, aviation should be handled in detail respect to new technologies, environmental effects, economical and sustainability.

Passenger air traffic continues to grow around the world, indicating no signs of slowing down. The annual passenger total is expected to reach over 6.4 billion by 2030, based on current projections. This means that new aircraft and more flights, plus new runways and airports will be needed. In this regard, effective and efficient management of the aviation system as a whole will play a key role.

Aviation is totally dependent on liquid fuels, in contrast with ground transportation where a range of alternative energy sources is available. For safety and technical considerations, the use of renewable wind and solar power, or even hydrogen, is not an option for the foreseeable future of this sector.

In light of all this information, establishment of SUSTAINABLE AVIATION RESEARCH  ASSOCIATION was put forward.


The main objectives of SARES are:
• Research into green and environmentally friendly energy resources and aviation technologies
• Research into sustainable infrastructure development under a changing climate
• Teaching, research and professional development in the area of renewable energy technologies and sustainable aviation
• Supporting institutions affiliated with renewable energy and sustainable aviation development
• Providing information and documentation about renewable energy and sustainable aviation research & development
• Publishing a journal (IJAST), books, proceedings, and bulletins related to renewable energy and sustainable aviation research & development