About ISSA

ISSA Symposium has engaged authors, industry, academicians and publishers starting from 2015 in Istanbul. Aviation industry can achieve a positive contribution to environmental sustainability. ISSA is an international, multi-disciplinary symposium which addresses current issues like improving aircraft fuel efficiency, fostering use of biofuels, minimising environmental impact, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing of engine and airframe noise.

ISSA Symposiums arranged as to presenting papers in oral, poster sessions and keynote sessions. Organizing comittee plans social events in every occasion and pre-post symposium tours, like technical tours to symposium suporters.

Symposium welcomes many topics as follows,

– Sustainable aviation and aerospace vehicle, Sustainable aircraft, helicopters, missiles, launchers and satellites design, technological change,innovation, research and development

  • Mathematical modeling, numerical/experimental methods, optimizati

  • Green aircraft

  • Green airlines

  • Green airports

  • Green engine

  • Green aerospace vehicle

  • More Electric Aircraft (MEA)

  • All Electric Aircraft (AEA)

  • Renewable energy sources; alternative/green aviation fuels

  • Energy recovery systems, alternative/renewable/clean energy technologies

  • Life cycle design and life cycle assessment; cost efficiency; waste / recycling

– Environmental Modelling & Software

  • Environmental affects and measurement techniques: emissions/noise/radiation, global warming/climate change

        Mathematical modeling, numerical/experimental methods, optimization
– Air conditioning and refrigeration applications of aircrafts
– Energy, exergy, performance analysis, flight mechanics and computational fluid dynamics

  • Energy

  • Exergy

  • Performance analysis

  • Flight mechanics

  • Computational fluid dynamics

  • Propulsion technologies for aerospace vehicles

  • Combustion instabilities, innovative combustion technologies

  • Mathematical modeling, numerical/experimental methods, optimization

– Avionics and auto control

  • Avionics

  • Auto control

  • Aerospace vehicle materials, measurement techniques and sensors

– Design, management, planning, development

  • Aerospace vehicle strategic planning, governmental legislation, policy-making

  • Aviation management, fleet planning/scheduling; air traffic management; future air transport

  • Airport design, management, planning, development

-Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul; airworthiness reliability/safety

Symposium Chronology

– ISSA 2015, Istanbul, Turkey

– ISSA 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

– ISSA 2017, Kiev, Ukraine

– ISSA 2018, Rome, Italy

– ISSA 2019, Budapest, Hungary

– ISSA 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia